Wide Application of Polymer Damping Materials

With the development of modern industry, the number of vibration tools and high-power machinery which produce strong vibration is increasing. The vibration hazards caused by various machinery and equipment in operation and working process are becoming more and more serious. In daily life, such vibration and noise will bring adverse effects on people's life, work and even health. For example, hearing impairment, sleep disturbance, disease induction, etc. In engineering field, broadband random excitation caused by vibration and noise will cause multi-formant response of structures, directly affect the normal work of electronic devices, instruments and instruments, and cause catastrophic consequences in serious cases; in military field, due to weapons and aircraft. With the development of high-speed and high-power, various aircraft are stimulated by engine and high-speed airflow during flight. The structural fatigue caused by vibration and harmonic response is very serious. Submarine and hovercraft are stimulated by engine, and the high decibel noise will seriously affect their combat effectiveness. For this reason, many effective methods and technical measures to reduce vibration and noise have been studied and developed. Damping technology is the most effective method to control structural resonance and noise and to solve the problem of vibration and noise reduction. The most important means. At present, functional damping materials have been widely used in sophisticated weapons and equipment, spacecraft, navigation, civil buildings, environmental protection and so on. 

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